Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Magazine article

Our magazine article is a black background with shots of the video on it; the black was chosen so as the pictures stand out and draw the eye to it as fans of the group will see them and be attracted. We included still shots from the music video so as people who enjoyed the video would see it and be attracted to it as they would want to know what else was happening to do with it. We used a banner-type title so as the advert looked like an unavailing of something important and put the name of the band THE BANGLES in capitals and bright blue to draw eyes directly to it. We included all the useful information necessary in an advert without a huge block of text as we thought that a great deal of writing would repel readers and put them off looking at the article; by breaking the information down into need-to-know points people would more easily take in the information without having to try. We also included a band logo of HMV so as people that could not be bovered to read the article at all would see the logo and therefore associate it with the place at which they could buy the product. We used an easy-to-read font for the majority of the writing so as it would be easily consumed and also put the price of the DVD in bold so as it stood out.

Friday, 9 July 2010

dvd analysis

the front cover of the DVD clearly displays the bans name and their logo and gives an image of them and a title of the DVD on the bottom. The colour scheme is consistant throughout the cover and all links together; the scheme being gold which fits in with the title GOLD. The band is all dressed in differnt shades of gold and the women are dressed quite provocitively which sells them as artists. The spine is gold which fits in with the title of the DVD and the it also contains three logos of and also has the DVD logo at the bottom of the spine. The back of the DVD has the STEPS logo on the top right corner and the DVD title on the top left corner. It then has a short scenopsis on the top middle of the DVD and tells you what the DVD will include. I then has a list of all the videos included on the DVD in gold writing to fit in with the theme. Beneath the list the DVD includes 20 still frames of the artists in the videos which sells the artists and also shows their diversity as a group as they are wearing a lot of differnt outfits and broadcasting themselves in a lot of differnt looks. Beneath the pictures there is a logo of the DVD producer and various company referances and copyrights. Beneath that is has the STEPS website and the producers website to sell the artists. It also again has logos and them a barcode.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

still image

This is a still from the music video, we could use this in our album cover :)

album research

This is our album research images, we could have a still or an image on the front cover with the name of band/song then bar code.

Feedback Analysis

We thought our feedback was fair and useful for us for when we do our real music video next year.

We already knew that our Lip Syncing was slightly off and with extra editing time we would have improved this.

Also with more time we could have improved the green screen backgrounds by using videos instead of still images. This would have created better flow in our movie.

The one thing we disagreed with was the comment saying we shouldn't have put a guitar in because there wasn't one in the song. There was so we were confused to why this group put this.

The Bangles- eternal flame

feedback S 1 31

We really liked the idea of your video! although the lip syncing could have been more enthusiastic. Using the green screen showed good editing skills and gave an extra element to the video, also it matched the genre of the music. The instrumental playing could have been more realistic ! whaaaaaay b e a utiful!!
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